Oct 06

Purcell Systems Wins Company of the Year - 2011 Catalyst Award

Press releases from Purcell Systems

October 6, 2011

Last night, Purcell Systems was awarded the 2011 Catalyst Award from Greater Spokane Incorporated.  This was the first time that Purcell Systems has won the award.  The purpose of the award is described from the Greater Spokane Incorporated website:


The Catalyst Awards recognize contributions by individuals, organizations, and buisnessess demonstrating innovation that catalyzes economic development in the region.

-www.greaterspokane.org press release


Purcell Systems is honored to win this award.  The award was accepted by Purcell Systems CEO, Pete Chase.  To those on-hand and to the employees, Mr. Chase noted:


Purcell Systems is an example of local, organic growth that can take place in this area with support of the local investment community...Purcell has delivered back into the local economy over $400 million in the form of jobs, local vendor spending and use of local service providers over the last eleven years.

- Pete Chase, CEO


More information on the award, Greater Spokane Incorporated, and the other award winners can be found at the Greater Spokane Incorporated website.

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