FlexSure® 16RU Outdoor GR-487 Enclosure

The FLX16-2520 is the largest model of the FlexSure Series of outdoor GR-487 enclosures, designed to protect wireless data broadband backhaul equipment.

FlexSure 16RU Enclosure Description

Ideally suited for wireless data broadband backhaul applications supporting advanced 3G and 4G service deployments, the FlexSure WS series is a highly-configurable, and modular, GR-487 certified outdoor enclosure solution.

FlexSure WS applications include backhaul solutions for FTTx, DSL, Broadband Loop Carrier, as well as LTE Node B and Wi-Fi®/WiMAX®. As requirements grow, the FlexSure WS Series modular design allows customers to adapt the cabinet configuration as needed to add more electronics, thermal management and battery backup.

The FLX16WS features a compact footprint with a variety of mounting options, including unique enclosure-on-enclosure vertical stacking (3 units high, 75 lbs maximum load per unit) to maximize available space.

FlexSure 16RU Enclosure Features

  • 30"H x 25"W x 20"D
  • 16 rack units, 19" Rails
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year thermal system
  • Meets standards:
    • Telcordia® GR-487 Issue 3 or Issue 4
    • UL Listed UL508A
    • UL Listed UL60950-1
    • NEMA 3

FlexSure 16RU Enclosure Options

  • Battery box option
  • Side and/or demarcation chamber option
  • AC power options
  • DC power system options
  • Pad, pole, wall, or stack mount
  • Front Door Thermal Options:
    • heat exchanger
    • air conditioner