SiteFlex® 39RU RAN Enclosure

The SiteFlex® 39RU enclosure is engineered specifically to house DC Power Systems, Radio Access Network (RAN) equipment and/or other customer equipment. Welded aluminum constructions provides structural integrity that will withstand seismic events and harsh weather conditions. A robust 4000W thermal system capacity protects integrated equipment.

Purcell Systems SiteFlex 39RU Power Enclosure - Model:SFX39-3030

Model: SFX39-3030
Dimension: 72"H x 30"W x 30"D







SiteFlex® 39RU RAN Enclosure Description

The SiteFlex® 39RU enclosure provides a rugged environment to house environmentally sensitive electronics for macro-cellular, microwave radio, RAN, edge applications, and more. The enclosure’s structural integrity will withstand seismic events and harsh weather conditions. The powder-coated aluminum structure offers outstanding impact and corrosion resistance but is also a lighter weight alternative to steel enclosures. 

SiteFlex® 39RU Enclosure Features 

  • 72"H x 30"W x 30"D
  • Direct Air Cooling (DAC) with MERV 16 filtration rating
  • 1500W heater
  • 39 rack units; 37 rack units user equipment space
  • Pad mount
  • Convenience light
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year thermal system
  • Meets standards:
  • NEMA 3R
  • UL62368-1
  • Designed to GR-487: Wind driven rain, hydrogen out gassing, salt fog corrosion resistance, zone 4 seismic loading, safety, thermal, intrusion, impact and pull testing

SiteFlex® 39RU Enclosure Options

  • 6" Plinth
  • AC power options
  • DC power system options