SiteFlex® 5RU Versatile Outdoor Telecom Enclosure

The SFX05 is a mid-size model of the SiteFlex® remote access cabinets, designed for diversity and versatility of outside equipment deployments.

Purcell Systems SiteFlex, outdoor telecom enclosure - Model: SFX05-1518

Model: SFX05-1518
Dimension: 24"H x 15"W x 18.5"D

SFX05 5RU Versatile Enclosure Description

The SiteFlex product family from Purcell Systems is as diverse and versatile as enclosures get. The SiteFlex series of enclosures have a size and configuration ideal for every outside equipment deployment requirement you have. From standard, off-the-shelf cabinets to modular, highly configurable enclosure systems, the SiteFlex family can deliver exactly what you need and more.

SFX05 5RU Versatile Enclosure Features

  • 24"H x 15"W x 18.5"D
  • 5 Rack Units; 19" rails
  • Front door; rear hatch
  • 5 year warranty / 1 year thermal system
  • Meets standards:
    • CSA Listed 60950-1
    • CSA Listed 60950-22

SFX05 5RU Versatile Enclosure Options

  • Battery pedestal
  • AC power options
  • DC power system options
  • Pad, pole or wall mount
  • Thermal Options:
    • Vented plate
    • Direct air cooling
    • Heat exchanger